The Innovator Speaker Series

As part of the Innovation & Impact curriculum, we have put together the Innovator Speaker Series. It is a series of conversations with researchers, innovators, and industry specialists to give you an insight into what it takes to be an innovative researcher, what the trials and tribulations may be and how you can better achieve your commercialization, knowledge exchange and impact goals. 

We will be releasing one per month, with the first released in December 2022.


Part 1: The Industry Fellows at UofS

The first episode in the Innovator Speaker Series is with the 2 industry fellows at the University of Surrey: Bryan Hanley and Jeremy Davies.  

Listen in to find out more about the work they have been involved in to develop university-industry partnerships and support innovation at UofS and throughout their careers.

Part 2: Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

To give a full view of what a Knowledge Transfer Partnership is and how it can help you as a researcher achieve your knowledge exchange, commercialisation and impact goals, part 2 of the Innovator Speaker series has both a KTP Ambassador and KTP participant viewpoint to explore this topic fully.

Professor James Aitken

James began in manufacturing where he honed his knowledge in logistics and operations. His interest in innovation operations led him into academia focusing on manufacturing and supply chain management. His research has been conducted globally and has secured significant grants for different projects.

Listen  in to hear more about his experience as an innovator, what his involvement has been on Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and how they can help support researchers looking to work more closely with industry.

Elham Ketabchi

Elham worked in a KTP where Vistafolia needed expertivse the progress their business and the university partnership meant Elham could deliver this knowledge.  Elham began her work on innovation projects during her PhD studies at the university of surrey, and went on to become the head of Research and Development, specialising in chemical and process engineering.  

Listen in to hear more  more about what it takes to be involved in a KTP, how it supported her research and how it helped her professional development.

Part 3: Incubation, Commercialisation and Enterprise with Caroline Fleming

Caroline Fleming is one of the Directors of Innovation Strategy at Surrey, leading on Incubation, Student Enterprise, business-led collaboration, business led student placements, and public engagement with research.

Caroline also sets the university KE objectives, and the action plan for the KE concordat. After starting as a graduate mechanical engineering in the oil and gas sector, Caroline spent 15 years supporting R&D start-ups to acheive growth, building their business skills and securing equity investment.

Looking to develop your skills as a researcher and achieve your knowledge exchange, commercialisation and impact goals?