The Innovation & Impact Curriculum is now live!

The Innovation & Impact Curriculum is an exciting programme of training and support  designed to help you achieve your knowledge exchange and impact goals.

The programme builds on the University’s existing strengths, while giving you the opportunity to further develop key competencies and leverage support in order to maximise the opportunities for innovation, through knowledge exchange and impact as related to your current research.

The programme is designed to have something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced innovator or just getting started on your innovation journey. 

SPARK Programmes

Engaging short programmes designed to develop a specific competency.

APPLY Programmes

Individual support to help you accelerate the development of a specific opportunity.

IMPACT Programmes

Cohort-based programmes to develop skills, grow your network and advance projects.

We are also facilitating a number of other programmes at the University of Surrey

These programmes, such as the KTP readiness course, sit outside the Innovation & Impact Curriculum.  We have included them as other available courses as they will are relevant programmes which

KTP Readiness course tile in blue with gold bars above and below text saying KTP Readiness on 2 lines

The Innovation & Impact Curriculum is delivered by Skillfluence Ltd. It has been developed in partnership between FHMS and Skillfluence.

Skillfluence is a top training and skills development company who specialises in helping University researchers develop the skills, tools and confidence to help them drive innovation , knowledge exchange and impact.  Over the last 5 years, Skillfluence has trained over 10,000 researchers and worked with more  than 60 universities in the UK and Europe.  There approach to skills development is practical and applied, with everything tailored to the unique needs of university researchers, PhD students and academics.

Industry Fellows

The Industry Fellows are entrepreneurial, strategic business leaders brought on board by the university to assist academics in commercialising their researchers.

Bryan Hanley, PhD

Bryan Hanley, PhD

  • Former Director of Scientific Discovery at the Wm Wrigley Jr. Company
  • Former Research Director at Leatherhead Food Research (UK) as well as in publicly funded research institutes
  • Board of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Royal Society of Biology (RSB) fellow
  • Written over 70 peer reviewed papers and 2 books
  • Key passion in R&D

Jeremy Davies

Jeremy Davies

  • An entrepreneurial, innovative strategy leader
  • Former Director of Corporate Services for Campden BRI
  • Business Adviser for Business West in the area of strategy, innovation and operations
  • On the board for Feeding Tomorrow Foundation and Gloucester SU as a Trustee
  • Non-executive Director for Medilink South West
  • Key focus in strategy development, innovation and interfacing between research, academics and industry