The Innovative Researcher

Level-up your capacity to deliver continuous innovation by applying a proven framework of behaviours used by successful innovators.

Session length: Full day

Trainer: Joanne Hagerty

When: 11/10/2022 @ 09:30

Where: Online via Zoom

Successful innovators demonstrate a shared set of characteristics and behaviours. In the Innovative Researcher programme, you will learn a framework and set of mindsets, behaviours and processes that successful innovators consistently leverage in their work and life.

You will have the opportunity to develop these competencies and identify ways to incorporate key behaviours into your work and life to become a more ‘Innovative Researcher’. At the end of the programme, you’ll create a personal ‘Innovative Researcher Action Plan’ that outlines specific actions you want to take to become a more effective innovator. This course is a must for researchers who want to level-up their capacity to deliver continuous / sustained innovation and are wondering how to embed innovation methodologies in their research.

This programme is delivered by Zach Sorrells, CTO at Skillfluence.  Zach Sorrels has been working in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship for over 20 years.  He’s an experienced trainer, facilitator, coach and entrepreneur and believes in a disciplined, structured and systems-based approach to innovation.  He has applied, or taught, innovation frameworks in a variety of settings from multi-nationals, SMEs, economic development agencies, universities, angel investors, and start-ups.

This is a SPARK programme – an engaging, short programme focused on developing a specific competency.

‘I really enjoyed it. The course showed how to bring innovation to life and make it a reality.’
Dr. Thomas Cavrois-Rogacki, R&D and health manager, Otter Ferry Seafish

Where are you on your innovation journey?

Getting Started

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Build confidence

Identify Opportunities

Building Momentum

Innovation Processes

Tools & Frameworks

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Accelerate Success

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