Successful Grant Writing

Learn to navigate the research grant funding process and develop the necessary skills to consistently write competitive applications.

Session length:  Full day session

Trainer: Dr Christ St Pourcain

When: 01/12/22 at 9:30 

Where: Online via Zoom

Writing competitive research grant applications can be intimidating when trying to work out what research funders are looking for and navigate the process behind it.

The Successful Grant Writing course will help you understand this process better as well as develop the knowledge and skills you need to consistently write competitive grant applications compared with other researchers in your field.

This engaging, full day course is a combination of presentations, individual work, group activities and Q&A. It is focused on developing a specific competency and is suitable for PhD students, post-docs or ECRs who want to apply the learning as well as established research fellows and academics who wish to understand the grant process further and be more competitive in their applications.

The workshop will focus on four key areas:

  • What research grant funders look for in an application and how they assess it.
  • How to plan a research grant application with a realistic budget.
  • How to structure a research grant application.
  • How to manage expectations, success and failure when applying for research grant funding.

This workshop is led by Dr Chris St Pourcain. Chris is a former lecturer who worked for over 13 years in chemistry research and teaching across the UK, followed by ten years managing the research grant application and assessment process for the BBSRC.

Please note, this full day course has 15-minute breaks mid-morning and mid-afternoon as well as a 60-minute break for lunch.

This is a SPARK programme – an engaging, short programme focused on developing a specific competency.


‘I think that this course will be very useful for someone who already has a project in mind and intends to apply for a grant.’ – Researcher, King’s College London

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