Research Commercialisation Accelerator

Learn frameworks, tools and skills to help jump start your research commercialisation activity and thinking.

Programme length: 7 weeks (every Friday at 9:30am)

When: 17/02/23 – 31/03/22

Where: Online

The Research Commercialisation Accelerator is an interactive programme that provides researchers with a framework, toolset and skills to help them jump start commercialisation activity and thinking. This programme is designed for researchers working in Social Sciences or STEM who are actively exploring opportunities to commercialise their research or are interested in learning more about how to engage in the commercialisation process for future projects. The programme offers a blend of group working with peers, individual self-study to explore key concepts and application activities designed to apply principles to live projects as appropriate.

The programme is organised into 6 modules, typically run on weekly cycles over 7 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, a live on-line workshop with peers, application activities and a “Commercialisation Journey” conversation.

The programme is split into 6 areas of focus:

  • Defining the opportunity
  • Validating the opportunity
  • Conducting customer discovery
  • Building your commercialisation network
  • Developing your commercialisation strategy
  • Crafting the pitch for your opportunity
The sessions will run every Friday for 7 weeks.

Where are you on your innovation journey?

Getting Started

Learn the basics

Build confidence

Identify Opportunities

Building Momentum

Innovation Processes

Tools & Frameworks

Start Applying

Accelerate Success

Specialist Support

Advanced Tools

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