Presenting at Conferences

Level-up your capacity to deliver continuous innovation by applying a proven framework of behaviours used by successful innovators.

Session length: 3 hours

Trainer: Dr Jamie Gallagher

When: 13/12/2022 @ 13:30

Where: In-person (Meeting Centre, Room 1, Manor Park Campus)

The conference experience is an essential part of the academic experience but are you making the most of the opportunity?

This interactive online workshop will show you how to make an impact at a conference taking you through how to plan and deliver an attention-grabbing presentation. Over the session you will explore the techniques involved in prize winning talk delivery.

On this course, you will discover:

  • How to break your research into memorable and sharable segments
  • How to build rapport with your audience
  • The secrets of movement and voice to hold audience focus
  • How to use call to actions to find collaborators, solve problems and build connections


The session will be delivered by award winning presenter Dr Jamie Gallagher who has won academic conference prizes around the world and shared his work with wider audience on TV, Radio and stage


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