Impact Horizon Scanning 301

A structured process that helps you take action to progress a specific opportunity for impact.

Trainer: Eleanor Saunders
When: 24/02/23 – 31/03/23
Where: Online via Zoom

Impact Horizon Scanning is a structured process that helps researchers identify opportunities for impact, in a resource-relevant way and provides greater clarity on the potential value of the opportunity.

This programme is ideal for researchers who are want to identify an opportunity for impact beyond academia, are exploring the possibilities of an opportunity or want to get clarity on how to exploit an opportunity.

The programme benefits researchers who want to translate their research into impact-focused outcomes, identify specific actions to progress an opportunity and learn a repeatable process you can apply to future projects.

The programme involves different activity types, including self-study work, group sessions, individual coaching and presentations. There are 5 key stages:

  1. Initial Hypothesis & Information Gathering – You are provided with a structure and instructions to conduct initial thinking and research in relation to the opportunity. This involves around 2 hours of writing, thinking and desk research.
  2. Opportunity Selection & Initial Definition – During a ½ day workshop, you are guided through a process to help you translate your ideas for impact into a more clearly defined opportunity. You will identify the key unknowns or assumptions to be tested and create an action plan for further discovery.
  3. Discovery – You work to implement the action plan to progress the opportunity. This typically involves engaging with stakeholders and conducting further research to validate assumptions. You will receive 2 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions to build momentum and confidence.
  4. Defining the Opportunity – You complete the Horizon Scanning Opportunity Analysis. The 2-page report includes the refined opportunity, key activities, learnings, quantification of potential impact, stakeholders, resource requirements and a recommendation for next steps.
  5. Presentation and Recommendations – The process concludes with an online presentation of the findings. This final step drives to a specific outcome and helps you take advantage of ongoing support. No IP will be publicly disclosed in this process.

Horizon Scanning is a Skillfluence APPLY Programme, which utilises different learning models and individual support to help you accelerate the development of a specific opportunity.

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