Connecting with Industry

An interactive programme that equips researchers with the tools, skills and confidence required to work more effectively with industry


Trainer: Evelyn Simpson

When: 31/10/22 – 05/12/22 (workshops every Monday)

Where: Online

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Connecting with Industry is an interactive programme that equips researchers with the tools, skills and confidence to help them become immediately more effective working in, and with, industry. The programme offers a blend of group working with peers, individual study to explore key concepts and application activities to apply new tools and frameworks to your current situation.

The programme is ideal for researchers who are currently working with industry, have an interest in working in industry or would like to work more closely with industry as part of their academic career.

The programme is organised into 6 modules, run on weekly cycles over 6 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, a live on-line workshop (120 minutes) and application activities. There are also four “Conversations with Industry” within the workshops which are live, facilitated discussions with guests who provide context, inspiration and real-world stories.

Programme modules include:

  • Exploring Opportunities in Industry: Consider a range of opportunities based on your skills, values and interests.
  • Discovering where You can Add Value: Learn frameworks for identifying challenges, problems and opportunities facing industry and in doing so, spot opportunities for where you can add value.
  • Speaking the language of business: Learn key business frameworks and terminology, helping you to engage more confidently with industry.
  • Communicating your Value to Industry: Learn how to develop clear and impactful communication that articulates to business and industry how you can add value.
  • Demonstrating your Expertise: You’re provided with a set of specific actions you can take to establish yourself as an “expert” in the mind of industry.
  • Building Meaningful Relationships with Industry: Develop a plan to pro-actively and strategically build your network to help you achieve your goals and deliver greater impact.

The programme includes:

  • 6 weekly 2-hour online workshops (held on Mondays)
  • Self-study lessons accessed via an e-Learning platform
  • Individual application activities
  • 4 x Conversations with Industry sessions (30-45 minutes as part of core workshop)
  • Certificate of Completion

Connecting with Industry is a Skillfluence IMPACT programme. IMPACT programmes are cohort-based programmes that help participants develop key skills, grow their network and progress live projects.

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