Communicating with Industry

Learn and apply a framework for translating research into impactful communication that engages non-academic audiences.

Session length: 90 minutes

Trainer: Joanne Hagerty

When: 21/09/2022 @ 13:30

Where: Online via Zoom

You will have the opportunity to apply the framework in real time, meaning you’ll come away with a new skill and the start of a new, more impactful way to explain your research to non-academic audiences. 

The programme is run by Joanne Hagerty.  Joanne is an entrepreneurial consultant and trainer who runs the Research Commercialisation programme at Skillfluence. She has first-hand experience building and growing enterprises across a range of sectors where technologies emerge and sectors converge. Joanne has worked with hundreds of researchers, helping them to explain their research in a way that is meaningful and relevant to industry.

This course is ideal for researchers who want to discuss their research with non-academic audiences.

This is a SPARK programme – an engaging, short programme focused on developing a specific competency.

‘If you are a researcher craving to learn how to communicate or create or sustain connections with relevant industry sector organisations, then look nowhere beyond Skillfluence.  If you’re looking to simply understand what businesses require to support their major processes, then this course showers you with abundant critical toolkits and resources to make this happen very effectively.’
Safi Elegbede, University of Birmingham

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