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What is a KTP?  

A KTP is a unique, mutually beneficial, 3-way partnership between a business, at least 2 academics and a recent graduate or postgraduate. The projects are designed to bring together the expertise and world-leading research that resides in universities with the reach and impact potential of businesses to deliver economic, environmental and societal benefit. 

KTP Benefits for Academics:  

  • Secure research income (circa £180k)  
  • Apply your expertise to solve real-world commercial challenges  
  • Enhance your academic profile  
  • Translate your research into business innovations
  • Commercialise your research  
  • Develop rewarding and ongoing collaborations with industry partners  

These sessions are brought to you by the University of Surrey Enterprise Programme Team and is delivered in partnership with Skillfluence Ltd, specialist trainers and facilitators in the area of Knowledge Exchange, with expert support from the University of Surrey KTP team. They will provide real-time guidance and advice based on their extensive KTP experience.  

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